Regulation and Function of Very Long Chain Fatty Acid Biosynthesis in Multiple Myeloma

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Scope of Work Dr. Bieberich (Co-Inv) will provide expertise and technical assistance in analyzing the composition and function of sphingolipids, particularly ceramide, in activating receptor tyrosine kinases critical for survival of multiple myeloma cancer cells. The Co-Inv worked for more than two decades on sphingolipids and their pathological function in various diseases, including cancer. He developed novel experimental tools to visualize sphingolipids and understand their cellular function in cancer. He will participate in this study by using these tools and his expertise to elucidate the cell signaling pathways by which sphingolipids promote multiple myeloma.
Effective start/end date8/1/227/31/24


  • Duke University: $36,534.00


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