Regulation of alternative pre-mRNA processing by small nucleolar RNA's

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There is a fund~me11talgapin und~rstamlingthe .function of small RNAs that constitute a large part of huJllan gene expressio.f.l. For example, we do not know how _the loss of small nucleolar RNA (spoRNA) expression coptributes tq the Prader-:Willi syndrome, the lflOSt frequent genetic cause for life-threatening ob~_ity~Ol!r lon~-ter7n gq;:t} ~to elud~~e the regulation of alternative splicirig by srifall'RNAs 'thaiafe ~esthmited "to comprise JllOre. than 40% (,f human gene expressioll;;!he ;obj~ctipe :9£ ~is .appli~tion is to
Effective start/end date8/1/091/31/14


  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences: $1,055,889.00


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