Regulatory Mechanisms of Glycoprotein Sialylation

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This subcontract governs work by the Whiteheart group at the University of Kentucky in which they will house, breed, and provide samples from mice with defects in platelet degranulation to the Cobb laboratory for IgG glycosylation, serum CMP-SA level, and ST6Gal1 activity analyses. These procedures are all approved by the UK IACUC, protocol 884M2005. Dr. Whiteheart will also assist in the drafting of all manuscripts that include data collected from these mice, and provide assay and data interpretation advice in handling platelets for the proposed experiments. Funds ($7,500) are requested primarily to support the costs of breeding and housing platelet-directed mutant mice prior to tissue collection. This accounts for ~20 cages per month being maintained for this project. The remaining funds are for sample collection reagents (plasticware, etc.) and for shipping these materials to the Cobb laboratory at CWRU.
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/19


  • Case Western Reserve: $96,183.00


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