RELIANCE: Effects of KT Methods on VR Counselors Providing Pre-ETS to YW Sig Disabilities 14-16 Years of Age

Grants and Contracts Details


This project will be administered through a sub-contract between UK HDI and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). HDI’s role will be as follows: • Interview by phone or in person 10 families/students with significant disabilities between 14-16 years of age, 10 VR Pre-ETS counselors, and 10 educators across Kentucky about their knowledge of and experience with Pre-ETS. • Implement Pre-ETS lessons developed in the areas of job exploration, work-readiness, and provide work-based experiences in the community for a total of 50 students across Kentucky. During this time, research study staff will be providing the Pre-ETS services and collecting data on effective strategies and outcomes of the lessons and community experiences from VR counselors, educators and family members. This information will be used to develop a toolkit. • Share data and information with VCU staff members and assist in the development of a toolkit for VR counselors serving students 14-16 years of age with significant disabilities. • Participate in RCT on use and effectiveness of the toolkit with VR counselors. • Assist VCU in the development of manuscripts and presentations at state and national conferences on project findings and outcomes.
Effective start/end date7/1/209/29/21


  • Virginia Commonwealth University: $32,500.00


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