Resilient Economics and Community Health Award (REACH)

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    Resilient Economics and Community Health (REACH) Award – Abstract In 2022 the Breathitt County community was heavily impacted by historic rains and flooding resulting in county wide devastation. Through the REACH award, the process of revitalizing and rebuilding the county’s small business infrastructure will be initiated. Not only will this have the tangible benefit of economic development and sustainability, but it will also help the county intrinsically by supporting their need to regain their sense of community and vitality. In many ways, the “slate was wiped clean” for the county and residents so they are uniquely positioned to take part in and benefit from this effort. Specifically, we hope to achieve: • The development of the Breathitt County Kentucky CES program called “Job Club” that brings employers and potential employees together on a regular basis to help with job skills, job application, and employee identification. The purpose of Job Club is to provide a positive environment for job seekers to meet, connect, share, and learn. Job Club is for those who motivated and currently out of work, underemployed or looking to make a career transition. This opportunity provides resources including Job Search FAQs, Networking Opportunities, Informational Interview Tips, Staffing Agencies, Articles of Interest for Job-seekers, Resume Review Checklist & Verb List, and LinkedIn Job Search Checklist • A spirit of entrepreneurism in the community that supports and rewards those who seek to create or develop small, local businesses. • The identification of a community focus that can help citizens find pride and opportunity that was lost as a result of the social and infrastructure impact of the 2022 flooding. • The creation of events and community meetings that help re-skill individuals and encourages them to find jobs or create businesses that meet the needs of the county so that it can continue to flourish. • A spirit of collaboration and sharing that brings the new and existing business community together and encourages them to take
    Effective start/end date5/1/234/30/24


    • eXtension Foundation: $50,000.00


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