Responsible Research Evaluation Summit: Using the SCOPE Framework to Evaluate Responsibly

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University of Kentucky Responsible Research Evaluation Summit Using the SCOPE Framework to Evaluate Responsibly The International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Evaluation Group (REG) brings together representatives from a range of global member research management societies to work towards better, fairer, and more meaningful research evaluation. Over the last three years, INORMS REG members have developed a working framework for responsible research evaluation on a volunteer basis and are seeking funding to continue this work and create synergy among a diverse group of practitioners (SCOPE). This forum proposal will be used to plan and deliver a two day, in-person summit with impact librarians, researchers, bibliometrians, and research managers to learn about the SCOPE framework for responsible evaluation and workshop this framework using relative US-based concepts. The SCOPE framework was developed by the REG as a practical way of implementing responsible research evaluation principles to design robust evaluations. The aim of SCOPE is to steer research evaluators and practitioners who are keen to engage with best practices and provide the best service to their organizations and evaluate research output and impact responsibly (Himanen & Gadd, 2019). The forum will convene librarians and research managers to provide formal training in the SCOPE framework and promising practices that provide library staff and faculty the skills needed to make strategic research management decisions using responsible evaluation methods. Page | 1
Effective start/end date8/1/2312/31/24


  • Institute of Museum and Library Services: $149,536.00


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