Restoring Headwater Streams and Riparian Corridors at the Savannah River Site, SC: Part B- Restoration Proposal and Permit Application

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Using information obtained during Phases 1---111 of the Assessment of Structure, Function and Stability in a Gradient of Disturbed SRS Streams study, we will outline a detailed restoration proposal for the Tinker Creek Headwater streams. We will also prepare necessary permit application materials that will be submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers. The information needed to compile these documents will be assembled by UGA who is doing Part A Tasks. As such, much of the work proposed will be to organize as required by the permit and to develop the specific details for the restoration activities. Detailed plans needed for the permit will require approximately 3---weeks of work on---site to gather survey data that will allow us to create design specs for the banks after dam removal and channel repair.
Effective start/end date7/7/179/30/20


  • Forest Service: $16,848.00


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