Restricted Scope for REU Supplement: Characterization, Design and Modeling of Novel Shape Memory Composites

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Students who can make long term contributions to engineering with knowledge on multidisciplinary fields is critical for the future generation of workforce of the U.S. Undergraduate research provides students an opportunity to learn new laboratory skills, apply the fundamental principles they learned at classes, and develop independent thinking. One undergraduate student will work on the project. He will involve in fabricating shape memory composites and determining their thermomechanical behavior by using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis. Effects of heating-cooling rate, frequency, applied static and dynamic loads will be systematically investigated. The composition and volume ratio of the shape memory polymers will be altered to tune the transition temperature and recoverable strain amount. By this summer research opportunity, Erol Anil (sophomore in our department) will be exposed to research at early in his academic career. Thus, he can make long term contributions to engineering with fundamental knowledge on multidisciplinary fields.
Effective start/end date5/22/128/31/14


  • National Science Foundation


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