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Lead Applicant Mary Pat Regan, Deputy Secretary Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet 500 Mero Street Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 RETAIN KY will build on the successes and lessons learned in our Phase 1 project to keep Kentuckians with non-work-related injuries and illnesses as valued, productive members of the labor force. The Phase 2 design is built around rapid-response, interdisciplinary, and person- centered return-to-work/stay at work strategies that will result in higher rates of continued employment and lower rates of application for long-term Federal disability benefits. Throughout Phase 1, Kentucky has continued to strengthen statewide partnerships, initiatives and employment efforts that emphasize building a workforce that fully includes people with disabilities. This project aims to prevent the development of long-term work disability through early, coordinated health and employment-related services. The intervention is guided by the conservation of resources theory of change, whereby participating workers build and expand on the personal, social and environmental resources needed to continue their careers. Ultimately, RETAIN KY will scale up the promising early intervention strategies piloted in Phase 1 to impact larger numbers of employees. The intervention uses a three-pronged approach to improve employment and health outcomes for employees and the workforce in Kentucky through: 1- Direct service to workers at risk of exiting the workforce due to non-work related injury or illness across the state. 2- Multi systems changes through a statewide Inclusive Worker Health Leadership Network led by medicine, public health, allied health and workforce professionals. 3- Capacity building through interdisciplinary pre-professional and continuing education. Requested funding is $21.6 million for the 48 month project period. Geographic Area to be Served: RETAIN Kentucky effort will expand to a statewide geographic catchment area. The statewide service delivery area includes 143 designated qualified opportunity zones. Target Worker Population: The target population will be people who have experienced non- work related illnesses or injuries that put them at risk of leaving the workforce. A total of 3,200 people will participate, with the full treatment group receiving individualized intensive vocational services from RETAIN Kentucky Return to Work Coordinators (RTWCs). RTWCs will provide early intervention services aimed at getting an employee back to work, or helping them stay at work while navigating needed services in light of their impairments. In keeping with Kentucky’s Phase 1 project, there will continue to be a strong emphasis on assistive technology, universal design and peer support. RETAIN will serve individuals across ICD-10 diagnostic classifications, recognizing that the COVID-19 environment will have implications on the health, including mental health, of our workforce. Services are intended to address the social determinants of health and reflect strong connections to community level services across child care, transportation, housing, healthcare and other community services. Committed partnerships with major healthcare providers and employers in the state, along with United Communities and the Job Accommodations Network, will provide resource scaffolding that will result in improved outcomes at multiple levels, including the employee, employer, healthcare and workforce systems, and state. Project Partners: The Kentucky Department of Workforce Investment within the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet will lead project efforts. Critical committed project partners include: 1) Kentucky’s state Workforce Investment Board (Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board) 2) Regional Workforce Development Boards 3) Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 4) Kentucky Department for Public Health 5) Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 6) U of L Health, Frazier Rehabilitation Institute & Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 7) University of Kentucky Healthcare & Population Health 8) Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services 9) Coalition for Workforce Diversity 10) Council of State Governments 11) University of Kentucky & University of Kentucky Human Development Institute Rev 1/9/2021
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Department of Vocational Rehabilitation: $11,534,489.00


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