REU: Follicular Patterning Directed By Janus Kinase Signaling

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I would like to request a REU supplement to my current grant for this summer (2006). Nathan Mauser is a junior Biology major at the University of Kentucky with a 3.7 GPA. Nathan would like to have an opportunity to gain exposure to research in my lab this summer. The current funded research project aims to identify the biological roles of the JAK pathway activators, unpaired, unpaired2 and unpaired3. We have learned that JAK signaling is important to the maintenance ofthe somatic stem cells ofthe Drosophila ovary. However, we do not yet know what effect loss of JAK activity has on stem cells. Nathan will be using mosaic techniques and directed RNAi to determine the fate of stem cells lacking JAK activity. It could be that these stem cells become quiescent, divide symmetrically, or die. To test for cell death, the TUNEL assay will be used for stem cells lacking JAK. Furthermore, expression of the p35 cell death inhibitor will be tested for ability to permit the persistence of JAK mutant stem cells. To examine quiescence, dominantly marked stem cell clones will be observed directly after mosaic induction. Lastly, the source and identity of the JAK ligand will be investigated using directed RNAi. GAL4 drivers for subsets of follicle cells can be used to silence expression of each ligand in the appropriate cell types. Resulting effects on stem cell maintenance will be observed by abundance of proliferating follicle cells. Nathan will learn basic Drosophila husbandry, basic molecular biology techniques, immunohistochemistry, and comtemporary Drosophila genetic techniques.
Effective start/end date2/21/0712/31/07


  • National Science Foundation


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