REU NIRT: Molecular and Electronic Devices Based on Novel One-Dimensional Nanopore Arrays

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This NIRT proposal focuses on development of innovative processes for fabrication of quantum and molecular devices using a novel horizontal 1-D AAO array nanotemplate. In the United Sates, high school students are not very interested in Science and Engineering. However, science and engineering are of critical importance for innovative economy, especially in the current global economy era. In order to attract US undergraduate students to our engineering graduate programs, it is important to engage them in the laboratory environment as part of their undergraduate education and to make them interested in research. In addition, Outreach to high schools is also an important approach to attract high school students to engineering programs. Toward this goal, I propose to hire two undergraduate students to work on two projects. One undergraduate student will work closely with a graduate student to help characterization of single-electron transistors for various temperatures (100K-300K). Another undergraduate student will help design and improve a humidity sensing circuit for education outreach. The education outreach activities will enhance the involvement of undergraduate students in the multidisciplinary environment and also attract high school students from Appalachian communities (economically depressed group).
Effective start/end date6/7/106/30/11


  • National Science Foundation


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