REU Supplement: CAREER: Engineering Meta-magnetic Shape Memory Alloys as the Future Generation of High Performance Magnetic Actuators

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1) The form and nature of each prospective student's involvement in the research project Students who can make long term contributions to engineering with knowledge on multidisciplinary fields is critical for the future generation of workforce of the U.S. Undergraduate research provides students an opportunity to learn new laboratory skills, apply the fundamental principles they learned at classes, and develop independent thinking. One undergraduate student will work on the project. He will involve in microstructure characterization (Optical Microscopy), microhardness, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) analysis and mechanical testing of heat treated Fe-based magnetic shape memory alloys (SMAs). According to the DSC results, heat treatment temperatures will be selected and changes in microstructure, phase transformation temperatures and crystal structures and lattice parameters will be determined by optical microscopy, DSC and XRD methods. By this summer research opportunity, Dillon Burkhead, junior in our department, will be exposed to research at his early in his academic careers. Thus, he can make long term contributions to engineering with fundamental knowledge on multidisciplinary fields. 2) The experience of the PI in involving undergraduates in research, including any previous REU Supplement support and the outcomes from that support The PI had REU supports in previous years to support undergraduate students. Students expressed that they had very fruitful experience and learned a lot. Erol Anil has been working for us for over a year and he has very good experience in shape memory polymer fabrication. His involvement in research made him decide to continue his education in our department. The PI he has a long history of working with undergraduate students. He advised 6 undergraduate students in three years. His graduated advisee Eli Darby is employed by ARMY and Ryan Schulte works at NASA Johnson Center. Ryan Schulte has also been selected as the outstanding senior at the Mechanical Engineering Department. Sayed Saghaian has graduated in December 2010 and continues his studies at PhD level. Similarly, Peizhen Li has graduated in December 2011 and continues her studies at PhD level. Anil Erol has started as freshmen and works on shape memory polymers. The PI also advised two high school students, Parth Parekh and Charles Grigsby. Mr. Parekh worked on the characterization of magnetic shape memory alloys. He had attended to local science fairs and selected to present his work at state level. Current students are involved in the research areas of shape memory alloy or shape memory polymers. All the students are involved in hands on research and learn the basics of advanced materials characterization techniques. Every week, the PI meets with students in same research topics to learn the progress at their research, discuss the results and plan on what to do next. Weekly group meetings with a presentation from a group member provide an opportunity for the undergraduate students to present their work or learn from others. 3) The process and criteria for selecting the students The student is already selected as Mr. Dillon Burkhead. The main reason for selection is the will of the student to make research and past experience. Dillon Burkhead was a student of PI’s undergraduate course and showed an outstanding success in the class. The PI is working with Mr. Dillon Burkhead for the last couple of weeks to ensure that he is a good fit to the project. He had some experience to conduct main shape memory and material characterization procedures so he will immediately start contributing to the proposed study.
Effective start/end date6/15/125/31/16


  • National Science Foundation


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