REU SUPPLEMENT: Nanomanufacturing of activated carbon nanosphere-based supercapacitors from industrial biomass waste

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This REU grant will provide funds for up to two undergraduate students in STEM majors for the summer of 2017 from Glenville State College, WV to participate and develop scientific skills through hands-on research and data analysis in PI?s laboratory in the University of Kentucky (UK). Glenville State College (GSC) is located in central Appalachian area in West Virginia and is made up of many first generation students from low-income families. Motivated undergraduate(s) majoring in STEM area (either education or non-education) will be interviewed and selected by a committee of GSC faculty appointed by the chair (Dr. Gary Morris) of the department of science and mathematics on the basis of academic performance, relevant skill sets, financial situation, family background and collaborative capabilities. The student(s) will be trained and supervised throughout the research project by Prof. Wenwen Du at GSC, as well as the PIs and research assistants at UK. Besides having a thorough knowledge of the whole research project, the student(s) will focus on hydrothermal process and electrochemical characterization of the prepared carbon-based materials, data analysis, participate in group seminars, and scientific writing. Students will receive 1 independent research credit from GSC upon completing these components during the following semester; and build up research-based scientific skills which will benefit them for later advanced studies (e.g. graduate study) or prepare them well as STEM school educators.
Effective start/end date8/15/167/31/20


  • National Science Foundation


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