REU Supplemental Funding Request

  • Yu, Tingting (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


We are requesting REU funds to support two undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky. Our goal, as described below, is to engage them in the research efforts currently underway in the Software Testing and Analysis Lab related to the PI’s funded CRII award. At present we plan to support two students, XX and XX. Both students are CS majors in good standing in the CS department. Both of them have a strong interest in software testing and have either taken my software engineering course. We are requesting funds to hire two students for 15 hours/week throughout the project period. We would also like to make it possible for the students to attend at least one of the top software engineering conferences, and are requesting funds to support their travel costs to one conference meeting each. Finally we request funds to purchase any materials and supplies needed to support their work during the project period. The PI has a good record of working with undergraduate students. The PI has worked with three undergraduates in her two years and a half at UK. One of the undergraduates has started graduate school and submitted a paper under review.
Effective start/end date5/12/172/28/18


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