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Drs. Hartsfield and Morford will review and edit manuscript drafts from principle investigator Dr. Liliana Otero of PJU. These manuscripts will be based upon Data provided from PJU gained through their grant that is studying the prevalence of sleep disorders in Colombia at three different altitudes in children and adults. If the data allows, the group plans to attempt to submit 3 publications. Drs. Hartsfield and Morford's will review and edit up to three papers submitted to them in English for publication in within three months of the completion of the project. The journal to which any manuscripts will be submitted will be determined by research group. Dr. Hartsfield and Lorry will review additional documents (questionnaires, thesis) and asses the projects included in this first phase. The documents will be in English and translated by Dr. Otero into Spanish.
Effective start/end date10/18/1210/18/14


  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana: $30,000.00


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