RFP, DMV Customer Web Portal Research Request

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Developing an expanded Customer Web Portal (CWP) that offers a broader array of DMV services would address two of ITD strategic goals: ITD’s goal of moving more customer transactions online and the DMV’s goal of providing excellent customer service. Increasing the services that can be initiated directly by the customer would relieve lines and wait times for customers as well as lessen the workload for Sheriff and Assessor offices that handle DMV transactions. The CWP would create a more efficient process for our customers and staff by allowing customers a more direct and secure access to their own information. The CWP would also shorten wait times for credentials by limiting the number of touch points for information and task flow through. With the CWP, DMV will take control of maintenance and upgrades as well as reduce the security layers and PII at risk. Developing a robust on-line solution will create an easy way for customers to receive and maintain their information/services that is secure and efficient. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction. DMV needs to look at providing holistic opportunities to their customers and partners in fulfilling their needs now and providing an adaptable way to continue to fulfill their changing needs in the future.
Effective start/end date5/1/196/30/20


  • Idaho Transportation Department: $98,428.00


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