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RISE FY22 SCOPE OF WORK UK Subaward Efforts of the University of Kentucky (UK) Office of Technology Commercialization and Launch Blue (LB) teams will be directed toward the following aims: • Startup Lexington The UK team will support the mission of Startup Lexington to highlight, connect, and facilitate the startup ecosystem in Lexington, KY. Work toward this aim will include publication of the weekly StartupLex News & Events newsletter, management of StartupLex social media accounts, updating the public StartupLex events calendar, hosting the weekly Startup Breakfast event, and liaisng with other startup ecosystems to cross-promote events, share opportunities, and serve startup clients. This aim also includes UK’s participation in the annual Lexington Impact Survey project and Who Got the Money celebration. • Launch Blue Ventures (LBV) The UK team will execute on the mission of Launch Blue Ventures to facilitate capital formation, funding of startups, and the overall investment ecosystem in Kentucky. Work toward this aim will include: o Bluegrass Angels Partnership: LBV will serve as the pipeline development partner for Bluegrass Angels (BGA) and provide miscellaneous support for Bluegrass Angels. As pipeline development partner, LBV will actively manage and develop the BGA pipeline through outreach to KY startups seeking funding from BGA, working with said clients to prepare them for an effective pitch to BGA, and supporting the clients through the initial stages of the BGA process. LBV will additionally support special projects for BGA, such as the annual BGA Impact Data project, and other special projects on an as needed basis. o Investor Network Development: LBV will actively develop relationships with investment groups throughout the US with the goal of increasing visibility of KY startups to national startup funding partners. o Infrastructure Research: LBV will investigate infrastructure needs in support of envisioned future LBV services, such as developing LB-branded investment funds and holding equity in LB-portfolio startups for the benefit of LB.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/22


  • Awesome Center for Entrepreneurship Incorporated: $150,000.00


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