RISE Year 3 Supplement (Awesome Inc Funds)

Grants and Contracts Details


The UK Team will be primarily responsible for the following tasks: Facilitate Investment Ecosystem - Angel Investments are an identified strength of the Lexington region in supporting high-tech, scalable KY-based startups throughout the Commonwealth. Lexington’s Bluegrass Angels investor group is a strategic partner in the ecosystem. We will directly assist the Bluegrass Angels’ mission of supporting KY-based startups by providing logistical support and meeting space to BGA, and as a pipeline partner for sourcing investment-ready deals. We will support statewide angel groups, state supported investment programs (KEF and CSC), and regional angel and VC organizations through education initiatives, co-investment opportunities, and like initiatives. Specifically, The UK team will facilitate the KY270 pitch competition, a collaboration between BGA, KEF, and CSC to support early stage Kentucky startups. • Stakeholder and Personnel o University of Kentucky, OTC - Eric Hartman, Travis McKenzie University Commercialization Support - University-based commercialization is an identified strength of the Lexington region. The Lexington cluster will embrace this regional strength through programming to support university-based commercialization. We will provide an entrepreneurial experience to university-affiliated individuals with candidate startup technologies, and provide a two-way connection for innovation and invention among universities, entrepreneurs and the business community. Programs include UKAccel, UKPitch, Mentor In Residence (MIR), and Startup License Package. Specifically, the UK team will provide coaching and support to clients enrolled in the UKAccel Incubator program. • Stakeholder and Personnel o University of Kentucky, OTC - Eric Hartman, Travis McKenzie
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/21


  • Awesome Center for Entrepreneurship Incorporated: $15,000.00


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