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Alison Davis (Economic Development Expert & Quantitative Data Lead) will design and guide the quantitative component of the research program including the following five steps. She will clean and analyze CU water investment data to assess changes in conditions tracked and monitored from initial engagement through project closeout. Davis will access Census-restricted data and health data for communities receiving CU water investments to explore patterns of economic growth, population migration, and changes in health outcomes over time after water investments and technical assistance provided by CU. She will transfer knowledge and build the data capacity of Polonius and CU. Davis will interpret outcomes in partnership with Polonius and Scally and translate research findings for the lay audience to promote proactive investment in water infrastructure. She will expand knowledge of health and economic equity in southern rural communities to address future research questions.
Effective start/end date9/15/199/15/22


  • Communities Unlimited Incorporated: $115,000.00


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