Robust Requirements Tracing via Internet Search Technology: Improving an IV&V Technique: Phase II

  • Hayes, Jane (PI)
  • Dekhtyar, Alexander (CoI)

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Problem Statement: IV & V tracing of requirements to design, code, and/or test casesis difficult (of\en no mapping provided). It must be done quickly and accurately, and often must shortly be redone on updated documents/artifacts. IV & V tools are needed to automate linking between levels of documents/artifacts vs. developer's tool that only record links during decomposition. (Problem or challenge to be addressed. No more than four lines) Hypotheses/Objective: Continue developing improved methods for finding candidate links between document/artifact levels using appropriate algorithms and techniques from the field of Information Retrieval. Develop a toolkit of tracing algorithms and integrate it with at least one IV & V tool currently in use. (What you plan to prove or achieve. No more than four lines.) Scope and Delimitation: The research will focus solely on IV & V requirements tracing, tracing" after the fact," as opposed to tracing/traceability matrix generation performed by the developer. (Note that the developer can simply record the decomposition as development proceeds). The toolkit of methods developed at this stage will be integrated with SAlC SuperTracePlus tracebility tool. (Peripheral areas excluded from the investigation.)
Effective start/end date2/15/037/31/04


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