RSF 102, Intersection Database Update for MIRE and Quality Control

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Abstract RSF 102, Intersection Database Update for MIRE and Quality Control 7/1/2020-09/30/2021 PI Ben Blandford Co-I Eric Green PROBLEM STATEMENT The intersection database has been successfully implemented by KYTC within a variety of programs, including safety priority and planning. Since initial development of the intersection database, KYTC has identified several potential and desired updates, including offset, RCUT prioritization, roundabouts, turn lanes, signal timing, phasing, pavement type, and skew angle. Additionally, the intersection database requires, at a minimum, an annual update. Such a process needs to be streamlined to help ensure that annual updates are performed efficiently and consistently. OBJECTIVES ? Work with KYTC to identify missing features (e.g. specific fields Planning needs for database maintenance) and integrate elements into the intersection database. This effort will also better define a systematic way of updating the database each year. ? Use “Intersection Database” and apply Highway Safety Manual methods to develop a prioritized list of intersections with the highest potential for reduction of serious crashes. ? Develop a Systematic Intersection Screening Tool for RCUTS. This may include identifying a set of geometry conditions ideal for RCUTS and prioritizing the list for such improvements. WORKPLAN (Major Tasks and Activities) Task 1: Develop a list of desirable features. Task 2: Investigate the feasibility of creating/integrating desirable features. Task 3: Demonstrate a sample data set using new features. Task 4: Implement process statewide. Task 5: Deliver statewide geodatabase and documentation. IMPLEMENTATION POTENTIAL The intersection database has already been successfully implemented by KYTC. This project will improve the capabilities and usability of the intersection database to match KYTC programs and processes. PROJECT DURATION July 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021
Effective start/end date7/1/202/28/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $115,000.00


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