RSF 112, Administrative and Technical Support for Kentucky's CDL Program

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) – specifically its Division of Motor Carriers – has benefitted significantly from the partnership created many years ago under the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) program, now the Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) program. The Kentucky state ITD team membership consists of several key stakeholders. The partnership facilitates more robust and efficient coordination and assures achievement of program objectives. The team coordinates overall strategic planning for ITS and PRISM program development, and provides administrative, technical and logistical support for a variety of commercial vehicle regulation projects. Administrators in the Division of Driver Licensing (DDL) want to establish a similar working partnership with institutional stakeholders in Kentucky. DDL administrators want to create a partnership that will provide assistance with strategic planning; grant development, preparation, and management; coordinating stakeholder activities; improving communication with IT developers; technical and logistical support for data quality and performance measures; and support for miscellaneous research needs. This project supports the FY2020 FMCSA national priority for applications that support an SDLA’s partnership effort for projects that promote partnership efforts, with an emphasis on communication, on-site consultation for best practices and/or resolution of barriers to compliance. Kentucky sees this project falling under CDLPI Basic Grants and eligible for 85 percent federal funding. This project is not located in a qualified opportunity zone designated pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 1400Z-1. II. Problem Statement Administrators in Kentucky’s SDLA want to improve the robustness and efficiency of Kentucky’s CDL program by creating a partnership of stakeholders with the assistance of project managers at the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC). The purpose of the partnership is to assemble a team of stakeholders to better coordinate and facilitate actions that will remove barriers to compliance with federal and state CDL regulations. The partnership will enhance strategic planning for state projects, assist with grants administration, improve CDL data quality monitoring, facilitate development of state performance measures, and provide preliminary research and analysis for CDL administrators as needed. III. Performance Objective • Identify and assemble a team of stakeholders for the Kentucky state CDL partnership • Hold periodic meetings to coordinate with stakeholders on emerging issues as well as long-term challenges to compliance with federal and state CDL regulations • Plan and facilitate strategic planning session • Assist with grant preparation and administration • Assist with data quality monitoring and performance measures • Provide miscellaneous, preliminary research
Effective start/end date10/1/206/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $70,000.00


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