RSF 122: New KATS Installation-HP ITD 2021

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Abstract RSF 122, New KATS Installation-HP ITD 2021 3/01/2022 – 9/30/2025 In 2015, approximately 3,655,475 trucks traveled through Kentucky weigh stations. In areas with a KATS system, many of the trucks are screened, but very few are actually inspected. In areas without a KATS system, most of the trucks pass through the weigh station without ever being screened for safety or compliance issues. Previously Kentucky used clerks to manually key in information from the truck for screening and observation purposes. Declining budgets has led to the elimination of this very important position. Without the clerks, many trucks are able to drive through the weigh station without being screened or inspected. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the ITD program in Kentucky, KATS systems need to be expanded to other high-traffic corridors and ports of entry throughout the state to increase safety enforcement on high-risk operators, to improve the accuracy, integrity, and verifiability of credentials, and to improve the efficiency of enforcement through electronic screening of commercial vehicles. The goal of this project is to further expand Kentucky’s Automated Truck Screening (KATS) System to an additional site, either: • US 25E westbound near the Cumberland Gap Tunnel • US 51 north/southbound in Wickliffe, KY • KY 627 north/southbound in Madison County • US 31W north/southbound in Hardin County KATS systems allow enforcement personnel to be more efficient and helps them to determine the best trucks for inspections. Objective #1: Kentucky will increase the number of vehicles screened electronically by the addition of a KATS system and the optimization of all active KATS systems. Vehicles screened electronically are tracked and reported by each KATS system to Kentucky’s Observation system. The data in the table on page 8 will serve as the baseline data for this performance measure. Objective #2: Kentucky will increase the number of unique vehicles screened by the addition of a KATS system. Using the observation data from the KATS systems, Kentucky will report on the number of unique observations identified using the new KATS system. These will be vehicles screened at the new location that are not screened elsewhere in Kentucky. Objective #3: Kentucky will increase the percentage of Federal OOS carriers identified through inspection. Baseline data for FY 2019 and FY 2020 will be used for this performance objective. Kentucky will look at the overall percentage of FOOS identified as well as the percentage of imminent hazard/unfit FOOS identified.
Effective start/end date3/1/229/30/25


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $275,000.00


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