RSF 133: ITD Data Quality Analysis and Monitoring

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Abstract RSF 133, ITD Data Quality Analysis and Monitoring 10/01/2022-11/30/2024 PI Andrew Martin Co-PI Jeeyen Koo Currently Kentucky’s ITD team does perform ongoing data quality checks for some issues, but those checks are limited in scope and there are several types of data quality files and measures that sometimes go unchecked for extended periods of time, compromising data integrity, and by extension, highway safety. Kentucky’s ITD Team would like to put together a partnership between KYTC, KSP-CVE, KTC and FMCSA’s Kentucky field office to take a more holistic approach to data quality oversight. This meets the following national priority: (ii) (e) projects that improve credentialing data quality between the state and FMCSA’s SAFER system. The partnership will improve credentialing data quality between the state and SAFER system by capturing updates sent to and from the SAFER system in real-time or near real-time and develop data quality performance measures to exchanged. It also meets Kentucky’s own ITD goal stated in its current PPTLD document of equitable treatment of motor carriers. This project will help ensure all operators are held to the same compliance standards by providing accurate, timely and complete SAFER, vehicle screening and vehicle inspection data. IV. OBJECTIVES • Create a new data quality partnership with a working group whose membership meets 4-6 times annually • Develop a communication mechanism to facilitate more effective and efficient communication about data quality issues to all stakeholder agencies • Track and document current ITD performance measures • Create at least one new data quality report or process for SAFER T-files, CMV screening data and inspection data • Create at least three data quality metrics (e.g., timeliness, accuracy, validity completeness, consistency, etc.) to measure the data quality of each of the SAFER T-files, screening data and inspection data • Development of nine new monitoring processes for continued monitoring SAFER, screening and inspection data for data quality issues • Development of full-scale implementation plan for those processes • Write and publish final report detailing project activities and outcomes
Effective start/end date10/1/2211/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $150,000.00


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