RSF 142, ITD and PRISM-Related Training - MCSAP 23

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Abstract RSF 142, ITD and PRISM-Related Training – MCSAP 23 10/1/2023 – 9/30/2025 The purpose of this project is to provide ITD and PRISM-related training to all MCSAP-certified inspectors and officers under the KSP-CVE umbrella. This training is necessary since these inspectors and officers have numerous responsibilities. Many of the safety, registration, and credentials information related to the ITD and PRISM programs can be confusing and complicated. Because of the diversity of their responsibilities, the complexity of the information, and the recently implemented changes, regular training is needed for KSP-CVE to ensure they are comfortable with utilizing the technologies and systems that have been provided to them. Over the past few years, Kentucky has made significant changes to the way screening data is accessed as well as how inspections are documented and reported by KSP-CVE. The CVIEW is now the primary means for verifying credentials, registration, and safety information by KSP-CVE. New inspection software is now utilized to document and report all inspections of commercial vehicles. KATS technology is available in all of Kentucky’s weigh stations and at virtual weigh stations. These inspectors and officers have numerous responsibilities, so it is critical that annual training on these technologies and systems is provided. Even with recent training in every region of the state, it is clear that many are not comfortable with some of the systems and technologies, or the information being provided. Kentucky, like most states, does not have sufficient resources to stop every vehicle and verify the credentials and registration or perform an inspection. This project can improve the safety of commercial vehicle operations and improve compliance with credential and registration regulations by helping KSP-CVE to identify carriers or vehicles with a specific problem. The objectives of this project include: 1. To provide hands-on training to all KSP-CVE inspectors and officers. 2. To increase knowledge and usage of the electronic screening checkbox (in the inspection software). 3. To increase the driver and vehicle OOS over state rates when screening systems are utilized. 4. To increase the number of credential and safety violations identified on inspections for inspections identified using screening systems.
Effective start/end date9/1/239/30/25


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $47,000.00


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