RSF 146, Park Sign Compliance Installation and Evaluation (HP-ITD 2023)

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Abstract RSF 146, Park Sign Compliance Installation and Evaluation (HP-ITD 2023) Kentucky’s weigh stations utilize manually triggered park signs to direct commercial vehicles to the station’s parking lots where the vehicles are inspected by Kentucky State Police commercial vehicle inspectors. If a commercial vehicle driver chooses to disobey a park sign at a weigh station the station’s civilian staff do not have the legal authority to chase down the vehicle. The objective of this project is to reduce the number of illegal weigh station bypasses by 10% through the implementation of a Park Sign Compliance System at two Kentucky weigh stations. The Kentucky Transportation Center will work with KSP-CVE and KYTC to complete the following tasks: Task 1: Kickoff Project/Form Steering Committee – KTC will work with the ITD Program Manager and the Major over Commercial Vehicle Enforcement at KSP to identify a steering committee for this project. The steering committee will be composed of representatives from KYTC, KSP, KTC, and others as needed. The steering committee will meet as needed over the course of the project to monitor progress and to provide direction. Task 2: Site Preparation and Procurement of Equipment – KTC will work with KYTC’s vendor to determine specific equipment and site preparation needs for the success of the project. Task 3: Equipment Install and Optimization – KTC will monitor the vendor as they install the equipment at the Laurel NB and SB weigh stations. Once installed, KTC will work with the vendor to optimize the system. Task 4: Training – KTC will work with the vendor to provide training on the use of the system to KSP and KYTC representatives. This is anticipated to occur over the course of one day after the system is optimized. Task 5: Testing and Optimization – KTC will monitor the system to ensure all components are working as designed. Any problems will be reported to the vendor for corrective action. KTC staff will also collect data in the form of images, decodes, and listed violations and analyze them for accuracy. Modifications to the system will be made as needed. Task 6: Collection of Data – KTC will be responsible for collecting data related to illegal weigh station bypasses at the Laurel NB and SB stations before and after installation. The focus of the effort will be on identifying the number of vehicles that ignore the park sign at the end of the ramp before the system installation and after. KTC anticipates collecting several hours of data for this effort over various days. Task 7: Summary and Evaluation– KTC will summarize the activities under this project. This will include a comparative analysis of before and after illegal weigh station bypasses at both locations to determine if the performance objective was met.
Effective start/end date11/1/239/30/27


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $50,000.00


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