RSF 147, Missing CMV License Plate Data Identification and Reporting

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Abstract RSF 147, Missing CMV License Plate Data Identification and Reporting KYTC-DMC and KSP-CVE administrators want to create a process to identify missing license plate data, communicate missing CMV license plate data to the FMCSA Support Team and Architecture Configuration Control Board (ACCB) DQ Working Group, and follow-up with jurisdictions to determine whether those impacted jurisdictions fixed the underlying data quality issues rather than simply making spot fixes to invalid records.1 FMCSA evaluates data quality for each U.S. jurisdiction every month and provides that information to the Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) data quality community. FMCSA provides an overall rating for both IRP and IFTA data using a scale of “Good”, “Fair”, or “Poor”. The overall rating is based on a scale where 2.7-3.0 is considered “Good”, 2.3-2.6 is considered “Fair”, and ≤ 2.2 is considered “Poor”. This project addresses the HP-ITD national program priorities because the project improves credentialing data quality between U.S. jurisdictions and FMCSA’s SAFER system. I. OBJECTIVES • Analyze historical KATS screening data and photos to determine the breakdown of CMV database errors that result from incorrectly decoded license plate strings (i.e., reading error) versus correctly decoded license plate strings that could not be matched to vehicle screening data (i.e., missing data) • Create a process for analyzing incorrect plate reads that tabulates the number of problems encountered and build a report that will inform other jurisdictions about the existence of vehicles not found within SAFER data. • Initiate a communications process with the ITD Support Team and/or ACCB Working Group to transmit these reports to other jurisdictions and inform them of any missing CMV vehicle data. • Monitor KATS screening data to ensure CMV screening records in SAFER are corrected and that mitigation measures are taken to prevent missing CMV records going forward and develop best practices.
Effective start/end date1/1/243/31/26


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $162,746.00


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