RSF 149 - SDLA CDL Knowledge Retention and Training Videos Project

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Abstract RSF 149 – SDLA CDL Knowledge Retention and Training Videos Project KYTC CDL administrators would like to work with their partners at the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) to create step-by-step training videos for employees at DDL regional offices that show them how to complete specific tasks related to CDL issuance and administration. Potential topics could include, but are not limited to, exempt military drivers, farm restricted services CDL, federal physical requirements, Kentucky intrastate medical waivers, self-Certification categories, suspensions covered under 49 CFR Part 383.51, FMCSA’s drug and alcohol clearinghouse, and entry level driver training. These videos will be professionally scripted, shot, and edited; they will provide an easy, accessible tutorial for field office employees whenever they undergo initial training, have questions, or need a refresher. KYTC will also work with KTC to create strategies to manage long-term institutional knowledge. They will work with the research team to inventory currently available CDL resources and document knowledge or information gaps, determine the best way to compile and organize CDL-related institutional knowledge, and create supplemental materials as needed. Part of knowledge retention also involves taking advantage of professional development opportunities relevant to CDL administration, compliant with 49 CFR Parts 383 and 384, and emerging issues or technologies that would help Kentucky’s SDLA improve systems performance, maintenance, and data quality. 1.1 Performance Objectives • Identify the knowledge gaps in professional development materials for CDL administration, compliance, driver history records, and other relevant topics, devise a strategic plan, and determine what kind compilation and organizational strategies best meet the needs of KYTC • Identify topics to cover in the CDL training videos created for employees in regional field offices and DDL Central Office • Obtain access to test or production environments of KDLIS, CDLIS and any other required applications to capture screenshots, video or other information required for videos • Devise technical descriptions of each video topic and create a script that will be used for video dialogue or narration • Create technical videos that describe specific processes or issues that can be easily digested by new employees or employees wanting a refresher training • Create knowledge retention materials based on the identified CDL-related knowledge gaps and organizational strategies • Attend professional development work shops, conferences, trainings and other events pertaining to CDL administration, compliance, driver history records, data quality, technology, and other relevant topics
Effective start/end date12/1/239/30/27


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $256,356.00


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