RSF 35, Implementation of Three PRISM-Based Ramp Screening Systems

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Due to the limited number of KSP-CVE personnel and the excessive number of trucks that come through the Kentucky weigh stations, only a limited number of trucks are able to be inspected. Installing the PRISM-based ramp screening systems helps the KSP-CVE personnel to select the best candidates for inspection based on the user-defined screening criteria. The ramp screening system helps the enforcement personnel to increase their efficiency by selecting the best candidates for inspections. The objectives of this project will include: • Increase the utilization of the PRISM-based automated ramp screening system technology • Increase the number of inspections for motor carriers in the PRISM target file • Improve the ability to identify a FOOS truck • Identify motor carriers with potential safety or credential violations • Provide training to officers and inspectors in the use and benefits of the technology • Analyze the accuracy of the license plate reader, USDOT reader, and KYU reader
Effective start/end date2/1/136/30/14


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $565,000.00


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