RSF 36 CVISN, Implementation and Evaluation of a Virtual Weigh Station

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Kentucky has 14 fixed inspection/weigh facilities across the state. Thousands of trucks come through these stations daily, but many of these stations have detours that are utilized by carriers to avoid enforcement. With recent research, Kentucky has seen the value in utilizing license plate and USDOT number reader technology to electronically identify a commercial vehicle. Using CVISN-related databases, many checks can be performed on a carrier as the vehicle travels down the road. Kentucky intends to implement a virtual weigh station using this technology to identify and screen trucks in a remote location for enforcement purposes. The objectives of this project will include: • To implement a virtual weigh station on a route with no fixed enforcement facility o To screen commercial vehicles on this route for safety concerns, credential violations, and weight • To provide training to officers on the use and benefits of the system • To analyze the effectiveness of the system
Effective start/end date5/1/136/30/15


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $103,933.00


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