RSF 39 CVISN, Mainline (1) Automated Screening Utilizing LPR and USDOTR

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Since the implementation of this ramp screening system known as Kentucky Automated Truck Screening (KATS) has been deployed at the London I-75 Northbound scale and six more systems are funded and currently being deployed at Kentucky’s superstations. All previous deployments of these systems have been on a weigh station ramp. This one will be on the mainline for the I-64 Eastbound station in Shelby County. I. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this project will include: • Increase the utilization of the KATS system technology • Increase the number of inspections for motor carriers in the PRISM target file • Improve the ability to identify a FOOS truck • Identify motor carriers with potential credential or registration violations • Identify motor carriers with a poor safety history • Provide training to officers and inspectors in the use and benefits of the technology • Analyze the accuracy of the license plate reader, USDOT reader, and KYU reader • Analyze the benefit of the technology in a mainline setting The cost will be $351,083 for this installation
Effective start/end date12/1/136/30/16


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $153,774.00


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