RSF 42, KATS Implementation - 3 Sites

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Due to the limited number of KSP-CVE personnel and the excessive number of trucks that come through the Kentucky weigh stations, only a limited number of trucks are able to be inspected. Installing the KATS (PRISM)-based ramp screening systems helps the KSP-CVE personnel to select the best candidates for inspection based on the user-defined screening criteria. The ramp screening system helps the enforcement personnel to increase their efficiency by selecting the best candidates for inspections. In addition to the requirement to identify commercial carriers and vehicles in the PRISM Target File, the ramp screening system at the Boone County weigh/inspection station was developed to provide additional capabilities for commercial vehicle enforcement officers and inspectors to identify commercial vehicles and motor carrier companies that have higher than average vehicle, driver and hazmat out-of-service rates, potential registration violations, registered weight violations, proration issues, liability insurance issues and tax compliance issues through the utilization of the Kentucky CVIEW and Kentucky Clearinghouse databases. The Commonwealth of Kentucky also requires a surcharge be placed on commercial vehicles whose registered weight is 60,000 pounds or more and travel within Kentucky. The KYU number may or may not be displayed by the carrier. The KYU number for a motor carrier can be obtained from Kentucky’s databases based on the carrier’s USDOT number. If the commercial vehicle is leased from a leasing company, the KYU number is displayed on the side of the vehicle in much the same manner as the USDOT number. The objectives of this project will include: • Increase the utilization of the KATS-based automated ramp screening system technology • Increase the number of inspections for motor carriers in the PRISM target file • Improve the ability to identify a FOOS truck • Identify motor carriers with potential safety or credential violations • Provide training to officers and inspectors in the use and benefits of the technology • Analyze the accuracy of the license plate reader, USDOT reader, and KYU reader.
Effective start/end date5/1/144/13/18


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $380,317.00


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