RSF 47, CVISN Data Quality Evaluation

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This primary objective of this study is for Kentucky to document its data quality issues, investigate solutions and provide information to other states about how they might address their own data quality issues. Specifically, the goal will be to calculate the accuracy rate of credentials and safety-based screening systems at roadside and deskside, and document problems as each database is reviewed. Researchers will work with programmers in the KYTC’s OIT and Iteris to fix the problems. As fixes are made, researchers will attempt to quantify the time saved and number of bad inspections prevented by the fix. Documenting data flow processes will help everyone who works with the data to better understand how information is altered, shared and integrated so that it will be easier to identify problems and fix them in the future. Surveys sent to other states will provide broader context and confirm whether the problems experienced by Kentucky are prevalent in other states. The research team will also want to develop data quality guidelines, recommendations and policies that may help other states grappling with similar problems. Achieving the primary objective will necessitate the following: • Document existing data quality problems and accuracy of screening systems. • Document existing data quality problems and accuracy of existing databases. • Document Kentucky data flows and work processes. • Document data quality issues flagged by CVE officers and the impact on enforcement. • Ascertain data quality issues in other states and accuracy of roadside, deskside systems. • Provide CVISN data quality guidelines. • Publish final report.
Effective start/end date10/13/146/30/16


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $90,000.00


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