RSF 65: ITD and PRISM-Related Training

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Abstract RSF 65, ITD and PRISM-Related Training 11/1/2017-9/30/2018 Similar training has been conducted annually for the past three years and KSP-CVE supervisors and Kentucky Department of Vehicle Regulation staff have noted an increase in the credential violations that were identified along with increases in the out-of-service rates for those utilizing the data. A separate study conducted by the KTC noted that when this type of data was used to choose a vehicle for inspection (rather than randomly choosing a vehicle) the vehicle out-of-service rate rose from 16.22 percent to 38.46 percent. 1. To provide hands-on training to all KSP-CVE inspectors and officers by September 2018. 2. To show an increase in driver and vehicle OOS over state rates when screening systems are utilized. 3. To show an increase in the credentials and safety violations identified on inspections for inspections identified using screening systems.
Effective start/end date1/1/189/30/18


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $45,000.00


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