RSF 66: MCSAP17 Data Quality Initiative

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Abstract RSF 66, MCSAP17 Data Quality Initiative PI: Andrew Martin Co I: Jennifer Walton 11/1/2017-9/30/2018 Kentucky Transportation Center researchers have initiated several data quality projects over the last couple of years. Currently, it is putting together documentation of data quality initiatives undertaken as a result of previous CVISN grant awards. Researchers and officials at KTC and KYTC are engaged in the investigation of data quality issues on a daily basis. They look at records in Kentucky's CVIEW, inSPECT application, the Kentucky Clearinghouse, the Observation System, the Motor Carrier portal, and other systems referenced in Kentucky's current CVISN system architecture. Previous data quality initiatives have focused on IFTA, IRP, UCR, and PRISM data. This effort will focus on all types of data. Researchers will continue to monitor the Kentucky Automated Truck Screening (KATS) system, inSPECT, and CVIEW to identify data quality issues. Kentucky will work with FMCSA, other states, and organization as needed to address these issues. These primary objectives of this study include: 1. Identify existing data quality issues by monitoring KATS, inSPECT, and CVIEW. 2. Identify problems and take appropriate steps to remedy these issues. 3. Analyze new reporting tool with CVIEW to identify the most often reported data quality issues. 4. Identify methods to address reoccurring problems.
Effective start/end date1/1/186/30/18


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $35,000.00


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