RSF 73, In-Cab Alert System for CMV Driver

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The development and proliferation of smartphones, global positioning system (GPS) routing and navigation systems, automatic on-board recorders, dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) technologies, and enhanced ITS infrastructure are revolutionizing the manner in which motor carriers communicate with their drivers. These emerging technologies allow carriers to monitor driver and vehicle activity and thereby enhance logistical operations and government regulatory compliance. Motor carriers are increasingly communicating vehicle and carrier information to commercial vehicle enforcement agencies via transponders or other wireless devices. However, state transportation agencies have been slow to reciprocate data sharing by taking advantage of these emerging technologies. In particular, Kentucky transportation agencies currently collect extensive information on work zones, traffic congestion, crash statistics, design issues, rollover risks, size and weight restrictions, real-time traffic incidents, and commercial vehicle parking that might prove useful were it conveniently accessible to truck drivers. This information could be utilized by motor carriers to improve efficiency, safety, and to enhance the work life of CMV drivers looking for safe places to park. This project will assess Kentucky transportation agencies¡¦ data collection efforts, prioritize existing data (and identify any data gaps) deemed most critical vis-a-vis trucking industry input, develop an online transportation portal containing this data, and facilitate data sharing with the trucking industry through in-cab notifications. The objectives of this project are to: -Convene members of the trucking community, software developers, and government agencies to develop a survey about in-cab data needs. -Survey members of the trucking community, software developers, and government agencies to identify data needs of the CMV driver. -KYTC, KTC and other agencies will work together to identify and collect the data requested by the trucking industry and government agencies. -Create data files and make them available to software vendors. -Implement a pilot project demonstrating the ability to provide in-cab data to the CMV driver.
Effective start/end date9/1/189/30/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $118,000.00


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