RSF 74, Enhanced Safety Screening for High-Risk Motor Carriers

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The purpose of this project is to provide screening enhancements for the Kentucky Automated Truck Screening (KATS) system and CVIEW to help law enforcement identify high-risk, medium-risk, risk, and monitor list carriers (as defined by FMCSA’s Risk-Based Prioritization criteria). Kentucky’s commercial vehicle officers and inspectors currently do not have the ability to screen motor carriers based on these safety indicators. This project will result in enhancements to the KATS systems based on the risk factors associated with roadside BASICs. Enhancements are likely to include a menu/management tool within the KATS system with flexible, multi-level functionality, allowing law enforcement to increase or decrease the pull-in thresholds to target one or more roadside BASICs. Enhancements are also anticipated to CVIEW with regard to the BASICs. Enhanced screening gives enforcement an additional tool for increasing inspections on high-risk carriers and therefore decreasing crashes involving commercial motor vehicles. The objectives of this project include: • Develop functional requirements for the screening tests to be added to KATS and CVIEW • Identify data needed for testing and develop new screening logic • Implement new screening rules in KATS and CVIEW • Conduct testing with law enforcement for new screening enhancements • Evaluate the benefits of the screening enhancements
Effective start/end date9/15/1812/31/19


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $25,000.00


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