RSF 81, CDL Data Quality Assessment

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In the CDLPI FY 2015 grant, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) was awarded a CDL Prosecution, Adjudication, Data Transmission Study. The purpose of the study is to determine how prosecution, adjudication, and data transmission tactics in the states impact the handling of traffic violations or violations of federal CDL regulations for motorists with a CDL endorsement on their license. Very quickly the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) team, contracted to conduct research, learned that analyzing the compliance of state DOTs, law enforcement agencies and court systems with 49 CFR Parts 383 and 384 is extremely difficult, if not impossible, given the antiquated nature of these agencies’ computer software, databases, workflow processes, and reporting tools. This study will be successfully completed, but the number of states included will be less than originally planned, and comparing performance from state to state will be somewhat limited due to widespread technical limitations. The purpose of this project is to engage state SDLAs, law enforcement agencies, courts, and software vendors of products used in CDL enforcement, adjudication, and database management to develop technical specifications and best practices that will improve the breadth and depth of CDL-related data needed to ensure state and federal safety laws and regulations are adequately enforced. In contrast to the CDL Prosecution, Adjudication, Data Transmission Study, which collects citation, court and CDL workflow data, this study will allow researchers to step back and address some of the technical limitations inhibiting the collection of that data from most states. The research team will engage stakeholders to determine data quality issues, document technical limitations of existing software and database systems, explore strategies for interfacing interagency systems, identify possible funding mechanisms, and engage the constellation of public agencies tasked with CDL issuance, enforcement and adjudication to create momentum toward enhancing the IT infrastructure and therefore, compliance with federal statutes and regulations corresponding to CDLs.
Effective start/end date10/1/18 → 7/31/20


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $198,727.00


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