RSF 88, MCSAP 2019 Roadside Maintenance

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has currently implemented 16 Kentucky Automated Truck Screening (KATS) systems along with multiple parking monitoring systems. Although some KATS equipment and infrastructure will be under warranty, KYTC and Kentucky State Police – Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (KSP-CVE) will need additional support to investigate problems and take care of minor issues or concerns related to the equipment. Other ITD-related technologies are deployed and are in need of support by KTC. KATS systems utilize license plate reader (LPR) and USDOT/KYU number reader technology and an overview image camera to capture and process images of commercial vehicles for screening and observation purposes. This information is screened against Kentucky’s Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW) to identify vehicles for inspection at weigh stations and roadside. These systems will screen vehicles on such things as: PRISM target file, Federal Out-of-Service (FOOS) status, expired registration, insurance violations, vehicle and driver out-of-service rates, UCR violations, IFTA suspensions or revoked licenses, and Kentucky-specific credentials (KYU, KIT, etc.). Data collection with thermal imaging cameras have been installed at Boone, Kenton, Laurel, Lyon, and Simpson County facilities. These systems include a thermal image camera to evaluate the brakes and tire condition of vehicles on the ramp as well as parking monitoring cameras. The parking monitoring cameras are utilized to ensure that the trucks directed to stop actually pull into the facility and meet with enforcement personnel. These cameras also give enforcement the ability to see if drivers are wearing their seatbelts or talking on cellular phones. The cameras also provide safety to the enforcement personnel by allowing them to see into the cab of the trucks after they are parked to ensure they are not bringing weapons into the facility. The objective of this project will be to provide support to KYTC and KSP-CVE as requested when problems are encountered with ITD-related technologies. KTC will provide support for ITD-related technologies including the KATS systems, thermal imaging systems, and parking monitoring systems. Technical support may include: • Fielding questions from KYTC and KSP-CVE on problems/issues identified; • Observing the system remotely to assist with issues encountered; • Solving simple problems that do not require the assistance of equipment vendors; • Provide preventative maintenance (if needed); • Purchase technical supplies that may be needed in support of the equipment; • Travel to site to investigate problems or assist with preventative maintenance as requested; • Contacting equipment vendors to address problems as needed; • Purchase replacement equipment from vendors as needed; • Assist on site with equipment vendors as needed; • Perform accuracy studies to ensure equipment performance; and • Other technical tasks as identified by the study chair
Effective start/end date10/1/199/30/20


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $99,549.00


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