RSF 92, Enhanced Safety Screening for High-Risk Motor Carriers (HP-CMV19)

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This project continues the enhanced safety screening idea by providing for a dedicated screener (CVE inspector or officer) to select vehicles for inspection based on BASIC or ISS scores at or above the optimal thresholds. These assignments would be conducted in four or five hour blocks on an overtime basis. The inspections would be conducted by other personnel staffing the facility. Results will be monitored to determine any increase in efficiency in finding violations on the subsequent inspections. The goal of the project is to increase the violation rate on Kentucky inspections for safety-related violations. This violation rate will be tracked during the periods of the project activities to demonstrate the effect of using the screening strategies. As inspectors/officers gain experience and have greater success in finding violations based on the enhanced screening for the project, a secondary objective is that overall violation rates will be affected as the personnel use the enhanced screening independently during their regular shift, and this will also be analyzed. The project will also have an objective to present any noteworthy results at an appropriate FMCSA forum. Objectives: • Develop project activity reporting for KSP-CVE. • Train participating staff in project operation • Monitor activity for increased efficiency in finding violations on project operations. • Monitor overall activity for increased efficiency in detecting violations. Present noteworthy results at appropriate FMCSA
Effective start/end date11/1/199/30/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $48,360.00


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