RSF 96, KATS Central Monitoring System

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The current operation of the Kentucky Automated Truck Screening (KATS) system in Kentucky is based on standalone sites. Each site is responsible to its own results; there is no central control, configuration management, or centralized monitoring that is performed. To examine the status of a site, one needs to connect to each site and review all of the elements of the system. Currently there is no global entity that allows a user to see what's happening across all sites. The sites are like "black boxes", and without accessing a site, the health of the site is unknown. Even if an issue is known, like recognition drop in the afternoon, there is no automatic way to see this happening or attend to it. It is important to be able to monitor all of the sites from a central system. This would include a quick status view (green/yellow/red status lights) on each of the sites, including the health of the hardware (cameras, disk, etc.), recognition rates versus key performance indicators (KPI’s), and other factors. The goal of this project is to enhance the KATS system with the implementation of a centralized monitoring system that will provide a status of each site, health of the hardware, and recognition rates all in a centralized system. The centralized system will provide alerts that will help maintain each site and allow for much more proactive response to problems. Within 12 months of implementing this system, the vendor should be able to increase the performance of any system that is not meeting the KPI’s or develop a plan to fix any system that is lagging behind.
Effective start/end date6/1/2012/14/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $41,500.00


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