Rural Center of Excellence on Substance Use with a Focus on Recovery Housing (RCOE)

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RCOE addresses rural challenges in responding to SUD and specifically OUD. The select communities have a higher incidence of nonfatal and fatal overdoses than urban counterparts. RCOE brings national public health leaders to facilitate evidence-based prevention; expertise to promote intervention, MAT & social recovery; and establish quality Recovery Housing (RH). This high level of expertise is made available to rural communities through efforts of Outreach and Engagement Specialists who live in the region. They will identify needs and assist in tailoring a response addressing a community’s needs. RCOE engagement goes beyond webinars and emails, it is an active and proactive “boots on the ground” to reduce overdoes fatalities, provide alternatives to jail for drug offenders to reduce recidivism, and promote health and well-being. 1. Assist Public Health entities, practitioners and leaders in rural communities address SUD/OUD with EBP prevention, treatment, risk reduction with a focus on RH. 2. Provide technical assistance to rural communities for the establishment of evidence based, affordable and sustainable recovery housing programs. 3. Assist rural communities to establish treatment and recovery housing options for low-income and high-risk individuals including those involved with the criminal justice system. 4. Leverage IT for evaluation databases, telemedicine and dissemination and registries for RH. Outcomes – In addition to the RCORP measures 1. Increased number of healthcare professionals who can provide medication assisted treatment 2. Expanded community prevention and early intervention initiatives 3. Increased number of recovery housing facilities and resident capacity that reduces the number of individuals in jail with a SUD 4. Established technology infrastructure that provides a directory of RH meeting quality criteria; a portal to capture outcomes for RH residents; and an online system making training available for RH staff 5. Fewer fatal overdoses, reduced recidivism for individuals involved with criminal justice system, increased health and well being
Effective start/end date9/1/198/31/23


  • Fletcher Group Incorporated: $1,711,119.00


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