Rural Drug Prosecution Assistance Program, Phase II

  • Bratt, Carolyn (PI)
  • Weinberg, Harold (Former PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


As with RDPAP I Funds, RDPAP II Funds would be provided to Sub-recipients pursuant to contracts between them and the University of Kentucky Research Foundation. The Subrecipients in turn would utilize these funds to pay RDPAP Employees. The precise mix of these costs depends upon multiple variables that cannot be precisely defined at this time. These variables include the number of Sub-recipients that apply to participate in RDPAP, the number of students that apply for summer internships, the number of students and graduates that apply for RDPAP employment as licensed attorneys, and the number of RDPAP attorneys that apply for tuition remissions. In addition, the College may provide different amounts of funding to different Sub-recipients, and some Sub-recipients may be required by the College to provide a match while others may not. Other variables include the amount of RDPAP II Funds not expended in the 151 year and carried over to the 2nd year.
Effective start/end date11/22/054/30/10


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