Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant Program (Lotts Creek Community School Project)

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Scope of Work: • Recruit, hire, train, supervise and evaluate the Community Health Worker to carry out the work of this subcontract. • The Community Health Worker may be separated from employment voluntarily through resignation or job abandonment or involuntarily through termination, layoff or position elimination. • Through the efforts of the Community Health Worker: o Conduct home visits, perform assessments of client and family needs for information about mental health, health and social services, and provide information and education about services, provider referral information to clients and their families. o Act as a liaison between clients and their families, mental health and health and human service providers, and report to network members the specific characteristics of conditions, which impede clients from obtaining available services. o Work with multi-disciplinary teams to establish action plans for clients and families; assure action plans are carried out, link clients with all needed services; connect clients to support groups; provide emotional and educational support for clients and their families. o Maintain precise records in accordance with protocol defined in the Community Health Workers manual. o Participate in continuing education programs, in-service education programs, and peer support system with other Community Health Workers. o Support research by recruiting and enrolling difficult to reach clients into study groups in accordance with IRB research protocols. o Administer study measures, collect, and enter research data in accordance with IRB research protocols
Effective start/end date5/1/124/30/13


  • Lotts Creek Community School Incorporated: $30,000.00


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