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Summary of Request: The Bluegrass Care Clinic (BCC) proposes to continue providing comprehensive primary care services to HIV-positive persons in central and eastern Kentucky. Located in the Kentucky Clinic at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center, BCC services include: medical evaluation and clinical care; medical case management; nutrition counseling; patient health/adherence education; mental health counseling; the provision of emergency drug supplies; continuous quality improvement (CQI); consumer involvement; access to clinical trials; as well as referrals to medical specialty care, psychiatry, substance abuse counseling, and oral health care. In 2008, the BCC received on-going expansion funding. Due to an increasing overrepresentation of minorities in the patient population (17% African American and 6% Hispanic), as compared to the service area population (4% African American and 2% Hispanic), this expansion grant included $39,710 in Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) funding. Target Population: Since 1990, the BCC has served as the safety net for HIV primary care in 63 counties of central and eastern Kentucky. Of the patients served in 2007, 77% were white, 17% African American, and 6% Hispanic; 63% were below 200% of poverty. Forty-eight of the 63 counties served (76%) are federally recognized as economically distressed. Recreational drugs of choice in the BCC service area include alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medications. Kentuckians have among the highest US rates of co-morbid conditions (i.e., cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer), making patient care complex and time consuming. There were 809 persons living with AIDS in the BCC service area by the end of 2007. Unprotected sex is the most common risk factor for AIDS within Kentucky with the majority of AIDS cases diagnosed among white men who have sex with men (55%) followed by heterosexual transmission (16%). The number of patients dually diagnosed with active/latent TB is 34; with Hepatitis B is 81; and with Hepatitis C is 96. At the BCC, heterosexual transmission represents 26% of the patient population and 31% of new cases. Sixty-four percent of new patients at the BCC in 2007 were between the ages of 25-44. The proposed project targets persons at-risk for HIV disease in the 63-county service area, including persons of color, migrant farm workers, and medically underserved, rural residents. The project is designed to address unmet needs and to overcome barriers to care.
Effective start/end date9/30/013/31/10


  • Health Resources and Services Administration: $688,932.00


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