Rye Crop and Disease Management in Kentucky 2019-2020 - Bradley Scope

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For 2019-20, we are proposing to evaluate two hybrids (KWS Brasetto as our standard and one early hybrid) and adjust our management questions to fungicide, growth regulator, planting date and/or nitrogen management. We will conduct an in]depth fungicide trial as well that will evaluate different products and likely different timings. We need a second year of data on the fungicides to confirm findings from this season. Locations will be Princeton and Lexington. Once we have yield data from 2018-2019, we will modify our study designs for 2019-2020. We intend to coordinate our management trials with Dave Van Sanford and his graduate student to ensure that our efforts complement each other. We will install sensors for temperature near head height to monitor temperature during pollination and seed fill. We will begin collecting better data on weather and crop development to gain a better understanding of weather influence on rye yield.
Effective start/end date9/1/193/31/21


  • Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association


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