Safety in Agriculture for Youth (SAY)

  • Purschwitz, Mark (PI)

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An immersive 3D virtual learning environment, in proof-of-concept form, will be developed for teaching farm safety hazards to youth ages 13-15. The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will focus on three basic farm hazards commonly involved in youth fatalities: Tractor runovers; equipment entanglements; and grain bin entrapments. The specific hazards and injury prevention actions associated with each of the three hazards will be detailed using appropriate curriculum. A platform for development and hosting the VLE will be selected based on criteria for functionality, reliability, ease of use, cost, and capacity. The formal instructional design plan will be drafted. Specific learning outcomes defined, activities developed, and a storyboard created. Methodology for formative and summative assessment will be determined.
Effective start/end date9/1/137/31/15


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