San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health CANS and ANSA

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This proposal is to support the County of San Bernardino, Department of Behavioral Health (San Bernardino DBH) in its ongoing implementation of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and San Bernardino Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment (San Bernardino ANSA) as assessment and referral/triage tools in its trauma informed, evidence-based behavioral health services. The following steps are proposed in the use of the Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) framework for this process. 1. CANS/San Bernardino ANSA Implementation Support. John S. Lyons, PhD will continue to provide in-person CANS/ANSA training as requested by San Bernardino DBH to local CANS/ANSA users, supervisors, and trainers to ensure that TCOM practices are used in ways which are collaborative and effective (5 days in-person, annually). 2. CANS/ANSA Technical Assistance, and Coaching. Dr. Lyons will provide ongoing technical assistance and coaching for supervisors and trainers, including but not limited to, supporting local trainers via telephone and web-based consultation, based on the need identified by San Bernardino DBH. These supports are designed to provide San Bernardino DBH with the support in large-scale deployment of the CANS/ANSA tools for specialized utilization management and quality improvement functions. Supports will be billed on a per-hour basis with the exception of the web-based consultation (webinar), which will be billed on a per-webinar basis. • CANS/ANSA implementation consultation and technical assistance provided by Dr. Lyons. • Two (2) CANS/ANSA implementation support webinars – topics to be determined by San Bernardino DBH (2 webinars/annually). 3. Data Algorithm Design, Testing, and Refinement. Dr. Lyons will provide on-going technical assistance, consultation and reporting feedback to the County of San Bernardino DBH on specialized reports including, but not limited to: • Individual-Client Support Intensity (Level of Care) algorithms • Clinician Effectiveness algorithms • Program Effectiveness algorithms • System Effectiveness algorithms • Cost-Effectiveness algorithms • Multi-Level Effectiveness Benchmark Comparisons (based on Praed Foundation multi-state database) The design, testing and refinement of these algorithms and their resulting reports require close coordination between Dr. Lyons, the Information Technology vendor creating the reports, and the multi-level stakeholders in San Bernardino County. This support is designed to facilitate this process and insure the scientific validity and local usefulness of these reports for improved clinical and policy decisions
Effective start/end date4/1/203/31/25


  • San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health: $171,665.00


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