SARE MSP Program Assistant 2016

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The program assistant is often the face of the KYSARE program, since half of his job is to support and implement the Model State Plan. He is actively involved in Kentucky State University’s “Third Thursday Thing” monthly sustainable Ag field days and in the wide range of program activities. The core job of KY SARE’s Program Assistant is coordinating all of the SARE promoted trainings. This includes working with the content providers (faculty, private sector, government, NGO) and SARE leadership to develop effective programs. He provides logistical support (finding meeting space, arranging travel, access to materials) and assisting program evaluation. The program assistant also manages the SARE grant funds, helping with budgets, arranging for reimbursement and overall management. Because sustainable agriculture programs in Kentucky extend much beyond the SARE supported programs, the program assistant actively participates in other activities. This includes attending extension and grower events where he simultaneously represents KYSARE and the Center for Crop Diversification, as well as and Kentucky’s FSMA GAP Working Group. His engagement with these programs assists in expanding the visibility of the SARE Program.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/17


  • University of Georgia: $22,222.00


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