Scale Invariance in Quantum Field Theory

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Quantum field theory is a well-established theoretical framework to describe both fun- damental interactions and emergent phenomena in Elementary Particle Physics. Despite significant theoretical progress many aspects of quantum field theory are still poorly under- stood. The goal of this research project is to advance current understanding of quantum field theories without internal scale. Interest in scale-invariant theories is motivated by the fundamental role which they play in defining all other models through an appropri- ately chosen deformation. The specific aims of this project could be divided into three broad categories: to investi- gate the connection between scale and conformal invariance in quantum field theory and identify possible characteristic properties of scale-invariant non-conformal field theories; to develop theory of thermalization in the context of quantum field theoretic systems; and to improve understanding of the universal properties of conformal field theories. These goals will be achieved by a combination of non-perturbative methods such as holographic correspondence, conformal bootstrap, and methods of quantum information theory. Making significant progress in these directions would bring new understanding of the variety of possible quantum field theories and the phenomena which can be described using field theoretic framework. In particular the results of the proposed research may have direct applications towards critical behavior in Elementary Particle and Condensed Matter physics.
Effective start/end date8/1/1712/31/21


  • National Science Foundation: $197,999.00


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